For Students

Here you will find the most important information affecting you in one place‎.

On-line Administration

Once you sign in, you can use this portal to schedule a meeting with the Registry, submit an application, apply for a parking lot ‎and administer all your other business‎.

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ETN Sign-in

You can use the ETN system to register for courses and exams, as well as administer course descriptions, mandatory assignments, and literature‎.

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On-line Attendance

Once you sign in, here you’ll find the guide on on-line attendance and you’ll be ready to join your next class ‎immediately‎.

On-line Attendance

Class Schedule

Here you will find the integrated class schedule and the one relevant for your training‎.

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Research databases

Here you’ll find freely available literature for your studies or research‎.

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Internal pages

Here you can reach the web pages of different subjects, conferences, and departments‎.

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Moodle (distance learinng)

Here you can access the online tests and exams on the Moodle surface‎.

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Thesis paper and final examination information

Submission of a topic, requirements of the thesis paper, final examination items‎ in one place.

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Electronic Coursebooks

Here you can access the digital materials belonging to the courses. Find the name of the course and you’ll access them immediately‎.

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Google Classroom

We use the Google Classroom service for multiple courses‎. You can access it here.

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Defect Report

If you experience any defects in the building (related to the Internet or anything else), you can report them using these ‎forms‎.

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